I have a 1993 chevy 1/2 t pickup with knocking sound?

The heater motor starts making a knocking bedlam
when I turn the key to start the engine and after about
30 secs. it stops and the after all is said when key is turned off

any Ideas what can be causing this.

I require seen this quite a few times on this era of chevy. I would bet cold hard cash you have a bad vent air door control motor. It changes stand when the key is on and then again when you turn the key off.
dscorsica | Oct 06, 2010

Alex 007 | Oct 06, 2010

keeping my engine warm in the winter?

on my 75 chevy, it dosent start actual in the winter, would it help if i had a space heater pointed on the engine (not suffocating enough to melt anything) overnight?

You could do that, but it's dicky. The better solution would be to get a block heater installed. This is a unoriginal heater element that warms the coolant in the engine.
Vinny | Oct 29, 2006

get an exciting oil dipstick or a coolant heater (block heater) but you dont mention if its hard to find over or hard to start, if its hard to start check the strangle on the carb, i bet its not working correctly.
Cristiano | Oct 29, 2006

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